Experience history, culture & spirituality

Bringing together like-minded travellers,
for more than just another holiday.

For over 25 years PBT has been creating our own once in a lifetime adventures and
booking honeymoons, family holiday’s, mission trips and business needs.


At PBT, we have a passion for creating new experiences. PBT creates an experience of a lifetime. Pack your bags and come on an adventure where you will experience history, culture and spirituality. PBT started from the humble thought that travelling should be more than just a holiday. We have a desire to make a lasting impact through experiences that span the whole wide world, that you will never forget.

PBT is a one-stop Travel shop for all of your travel needs; we will provide you the best service with a first class experience. PBT creates, promotes and organises domestic, international and inbound travel, we specialise in corporate travel, honeymooners, group tours, speciality cruises and accommodation. Built around the simple principle that travel is always more fun with like minded people! With a wide range of travel specials 
available for any time frame and budget.

With PBT we will organise every single step of your journey. Hotels, accommodation, quality cruises, extensive itineraries and our large global network of personal contacts. PBT takes pride in being the Travel Experts, with knowledgeable teams ready to assist you with any airfare query big or small. From where to sit on the plane to the cheapest or fastest route, we have decades of expertise when it comes to taking to the skies.  We will provide you with a one on one personalised service where we will create your dream trip.


Joshua Fattal

Joshua is responsible for managing the retail stores and has been key to PBT’s growth and success over the last 5 years.

Growing up Joshua had a love for travel he would he see his Dad working hard at the travel agency and would spend his school holidays working with his Dad and seeing his older brother Michael working too he felt that he wanted to grow the business and work with his brother and dad.

Married at the young age of 24, and a youth leader at his local church. His passion for cars and motorbikes is only eclipsed by his love for the Lord and his wife.

michael and eleanor santorini.jpg

Michael Fattal

Michael heads up the PlanetBlueTours group division goal and vision to create life changing experiences for like-minded people.

At the age of four Michael would follow his dad to work and watch him interact with his clients and see his Dad’s passion for Travel. Michael would follow his Dad around the office, where he would answer phone calls and always talk to anyone who walked in. Growing up people would ask Michael what do you want to be? He would always answer “I want to be a travel agent, just like my Dad.” He followed in his Dad’s footsteps and after school he started working full time at the Travel Agency.

From 2010 Michael has been involved with the growth, rebranding and restructure of PBT.


George Fattal

George has been in the industry for over 35 years and is the foundation of of PBT.

George and Lydia Fattal have four children; with a heart for mission trips and a Pastor at a local Sydney Church George and his three sons Michael, Joshua and Samuel are continuing to build their travel legacy with passion.

As a young child George Fattal had dreamt of being a pilot, this ignited his desire to be a part of the travel industry. In 1977 he started working with British Airways in Kuwait then worked with the leading travel companies Qantas, Gulf Air and Cathay Pacific.George moved to Sydney, Australia in 1981 and joined Air India and gained further insight to the travel world. 10 years later George opened up his own fully dedicated Christian Travel Agency.